So Who Are These Prospective Clients?

  • They are the largest and fastest-growing population segment in the world
  • They are the ONLY growing segment of the fitness industry (all others are shrinking rapidly)
  • They own more than 70% of financial assets in the U.S
  • They have a HUGE interest in health and fitness services
  • They are the most stable and loyal clients you could ever find

They are the over 80 million adults age 55+ including seniors and the exploding group of leading-edge Baby Boomers – the largest age cohort in history!

If baby boomers are 25% of the marketplace but 75% of the income and wealth aren’t they a market you should know how to train & market to?

If 10,000 people are turning 65 every day, a market which controls over 50% of this country’s wealth and resources isn’t it time YOU got on board with the NEW “senior” client?

The mature market is not a niche. It is the largest and fastest-growing fitness market in the world and will be for the next 30 years.

Baby Boomers Untapped Niche

Training the Older Client - The Fastest Growing and Most Untapped Fitness Niche

Given the large number of adults over the age of 50 you are probably already training some of these clients. But do you sometimes find yourself wondering if you're going to injure them? Are you concerned about taking on the really old clients who aren't in very good health because you're not sure how to effectively train them to give them results without increasing the risk of injury?

Aging adults have specialized needs and the oldest of clients require specialized training, coaching, and conditioning to ensure they achieve results without risk of injury which may be life altering for them. This is why Dr. Ritchie and Dr. Sipe have created the Functional Aging Institute - to educate, inform, and certify fitness professionals who wish to target or specialize in the largest client category in history.

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Become a More Effective Professional

Make no mistake about it, advanced and specialized training methods can be very beneficial for older clients. But they can also be potentially dangerous if their unique needs are not taken into consideration. How do you know when to fully apply a training method versus when to modify it because if range of motion limitations, joint stability, or cardio/respiratory conditions?

If you are trained in any of the following methods: Pilates, Yoga, Kettlebell, Crossfit, Boot Camps, Martial Arts, Sandbag, Free weight, Body weight, or Athletic training then the Functional Aging Institute's certification course will teach you how to use those methods in a safer and more effective manner with your older clients who are seeking out fitness professionals who specialize in their needs.

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